A Tribute to Fingerless Gloves

Musician Wearing Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves when playing your instrument can be a necessity. (Image Source: Chris John Beckett)

Once cold weather hits Melbourne I become part of a secret society. It’s not the kind which requires membership cards or has secret handshakes, and it wields no political power. But whenever I cross paths with another person wearing fingerless gloves, a knowing smile is passed, because we know the brilliance of these well known but little utilised items of clothing.

Also known as glovelettes or hobo gloves, for me the fingerless glove has proven to be a useful item of clothing for many years. Like most musicians, my places of residence have lacked sufficient heating for the winter months, so rugging up at home has been a necessity. It was this necessity for warmth, combined with a want to practice my instrument which gave rise to fingerless gloves in my world.

However, their usefulness does not stop there. No longer did I have to take my gloves off to get keys out of my pocket or use my phone. I could also type on a keyboard or read a book with ease; all without having to sacrifice the warmth of my hands. Since migrating to fingerless gloves, there is no way that I will be returning to the full fingered variety.

Some have disrespected or looked upon my fingerless gloves with contempt. They have regularly been paralleled with the attire of a homeless person or scoffed at them as some sort of fashion foul. But they are ignoring the fact fingerless gloves are in fact a fashion statement. Wearing fingerless gloves says that I am a person who regularly and spontaneously requires the use of my hands for detailed work. If I was going to into surgery on a cold Melbourne morning, and I noticed the surgeon was donning a pair of fingerless gloves, my mind would be at ease.

So to those who wear fingerless gloves; Respect! Be assured that if we are to cross paths, a knowing smile will be shared. To those who don’t; I implore you to try these often misunderstood items of clothing. It will change your life for the better. Of course, if you’d rather continue having cold hands in the morning because you’re wearing no gloves at all, or if you wish to continue struggling to get change out of your pocket when you pay for your coffee, then go head. But just remember the ease and warmth at which I am performing the same task.

Love/Hate fingerless gloves? Let me know with a comment below.


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