Music That Makes You Want To Take Your Clothes Off

Good Music Should Make You Want to Take Your Clothes off

Image Source: (Stijn Bokhove)

Good music makes you want to take your clothes off. I don’t mean this in a sexual way (necessarily), rather good music should remove your inhabitations. It should allow you to take off your social mask and expose the raw emotion of your soul. Perhaps on the outside you’re still the same (so you kept your clothes on), but that song opened up a part of you.

Has a song ever made you cry? I’m going to relinquish the small amount of manliness I have and admit that there are songs that have made me cry. These are never songs that I sit and listen to for the technical ability of the musicians; I don’t believe anyone ever cried when listening to a Victor Wooten tune. Rather, they’re songs that touch you on a level deeper than an intellectual one. They’re the songs which spark that little bit of something inside of you that you’d forgotten existed, or perhaps that you wished didn’t exist.

As a creator of music, my goal is to perform songs that make me feel the way that music has made me feel. This can only be achieved through being a little bit risky with performance and arrangement. If you’re on stage and you’re worried about making a mistake, or that your groove isn’t good enough, or if the two musicians in audience are judging you, you will never let loose. And if you don’t let your inhibitions loose on stage, then how do you ever expect your audience to?

So next time you’re listening to music, think about which tunes in your life have made you want to take your clothes off. Next time you’re writing or arranging a song, ask yourself am I being honest enough to inspire others to take their clothes off? Because, it’s only through honesty that this will ever be achieved.

I’d love to hear what songs makes you want to take your clothes off in the comments section below.


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