Why Vinyl Will Survive

This occurred to me the a few weeks ago walking home on a cold Melbourne night after a few pints. Clare made the comment about the smell of fireplaces around Brunswick this time of year and it got me thinking; in a logical sense why would you heat a house with a fireplace? They make your house smell, they are expensive to run, difficult to start, require cleaning often and not too mention the fire hazard. Surly a gas or electric option is much more efficient, easy to use and safer. Yet still people still go to the effort of using a fireplace. Why? Because there is a charm from an open fireplace that can not be replicated. Even those imitation log fire places still miss the mark.

Vinyl is the same. Sure the mp3 is convenient but it still misses the aura that vinyl offers. Some people will scoff at this emotional argument, but removing an emotive argument from this simply ignores what music is.

Gas and electric heating have remained around long now enough to take adolescent nostalgia or fashion out of the equation; both these explanations have been put forth to discount the resurgence of vinyl as a short term phenomenon. And whilst it is hard to foresee a time where every household will once again have a turntable, the charm of vinyl will be enough to keep wax alive ensuring that it’s an option for any music fan to indulge in.


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