Golden Plains Music Festival

Well I’ve just returned from Golden Plains music festival. Right now I’m very dusty, regrettably sunburnt, and little bit smelly, but still glowing form the positive vibes that only Auntie Meredith can provide.

Golden Plains and Meredith Music Festival would have to be without a doubt one of the best run festivals. Every thing seems to have been properly thought about. From the landmarks, to the bars, to the set times and the number of tickets sold, not to mention what seems to be a very effective ‘no dickhead policy,’ everything that Auntie Meredith has done is done right. The organisers deserve a big pat on the back for being able to think about the smaller details that make this a hassle free festival experience.

The highlights undoubtedly for me where Saskwatch and Charles Bradley who both played on Sunday’s bill. Saskwatch’s sound has developed into a sweet and smooth soul groove and their Golden Plains performance has left me eagerly anticipating their forthcoming debut album. Charles Bradley; there is nothing that one can say that truly states the raw emotion that comes from Charles Bradley when he sings. Despite seeming a little tired having just landed in the country and having done a show in Melbourne the night before, this 64 year old was still able to hold festival goers in the palm of his hand with the rich and raw texture of his voice, and the suave dance moves that some performers half his age would lack the confidence and ability to do. Only one questions remains : Has there been a better male vocalist then Charles Bradley since Otis Redding? That question is definitely worth a discussion.


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