RIP Gil Scott-Heron 1949-2011

Gill Scott-Heron

Gill Scott-Heron

This time last week we heard the tragic news of the passing of the great Gil Scott-Heron aged 62. As a Singer/Song Writer/Poet Gil Scott-Heron had the ability to articulate through words and music political and social observations with a frankness and honesty that few have ever achieved. As the news of his death spread across the interwebs the blogosphere went into overdrive with dj’s and collectors around the world posting tributes to the great man. Here is a selection of these mixes and postings that I’ve enjoyed over the course of this week. This list is far from exhustive but should give an indication of the mark that Gil Scott-Heron has left on the world.

Tribute Mix from dj_TomE

Truly touching piece by Adam Mansbach

Tribute Mix from Check The Vibe

Tribute Mix from DJ Double K from Parkdale Funk

Fantastic piece on the album ‘Winter in America’ by Michael Barnes from Melting Pot.

Followed by a two hour radio tribute.

Big thanks to Soul of Sydney for posting this of Gil Scott-Heron live in Sydney 1995;


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