Support Record Store Day – 16th April 2011

Ever wondered how you can become a better person? Ever wanted to change the world to make it a better place to live? Ever wondered how little-ol’-me can take that step to overcome corporate greed? Ever wanted to find a way to become less stressed, loose a few kilos and become a better lover? Well people who support their independent record store on Record Store Day are doing all these things!

In this day of the corporation owing pretty much everything, the independent owner has become almost non existent. Rare are stories like Daptone Records where someone has shunned the big players in their fields and succeeded without compromise. But it’s these independent owners who bring knowledge and passion to the world; their modus operandi is more about creating and sharing then it is about making money, and this something that has become lost in the world today. Go to an independent green grocer and they’ll be able to tell you what the tastiest and best value fruit is, go to an independent clothing store and they’ll be able to tell you where the clothing was made and go to an independent record store and they’ll be able to tell you what the funkiest and freshest tunes are going around. This does not necessarily mean the most popular or high profile but rest assure, spend some time in an independent store and you’ll be more then likely walk away with a purchase that you will not regret.

Need proof that your independent store owners care more sharing then they do about dollars? Well check out Diggin’ Melbourne. This is a project by Chris Gill from Northside Records and Tim Bartold from Wax Museum Records; yeah that’s right, some record store owners have put together a map of all the other record stores in Melbourne! This goes against every sense of corporate logic; why would you let your customers know about your competitors? Well put simply it’s because they care more about their customers getting some good quality tunes on their turntables then they do about monopolising and controlling.

This is why you need to visit an independent record store tomorrow. Share some love with the people who run the store because they love the music. Not to mention the fact that a lot of stores are having some great in store appearances and some are even knocking down their prices for the day. These guys just keep on giving.

Want to know where to go tomorrow? This should help. The list is incomplete but it’s a good starting point.


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