Things that have broken for me this year

This year seems to be moving towards the year of stuff that breaks. So far I have had to repair or replace the following;

A Car – Harmonic Balancer went; no surprises that I don’t even know what that is.
Ampeg SVT classic – Because of dodgy soldering and workmanship on Ampeg’s reissue amps it blew a reasonably new set of values. Expensive.
iPod Touch – Still playing up, refuses to sync up to iTunes on ‘most’ occasions which means I can’t get the lastest funky podcasts that I like to listen to. This makes me sad.
Nokia N97 Phone – Ok I lost this and it was my fault but I’m now stuck using a broken old phone.
Washing Machine – Still broken, still un-replaced. It’s fair to say that Laundromats are weird places.
Tascam 38 – Ok this broke late last year but I didn’t get it back until February this year.
Wipper Snipper – At least it gave me an excuse for not mowing the lawn. This makes me happy until I actually had to mow the forest that had grown in the back yard, this makes me sad.


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